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Whats Happening at Bucek Chiropractic - January 2018

January 2018  Whether it be deadlines, kids’ extracurricular activities, family-life, or whatever, stress is a regular part of life. Everyone has stress; even my three month old twin boys! Sure, it’s a little different that the stress that we encounter, but stress is stress. Your body doesn’t know any different from stress at work or stress with your kids’ schedule. Your body reacts to stress the same way. It’s how you manage stress that’s the key! If you body’s “flight or fight” mechanism is held in-check, it will lead to problems with heart disease, obesity, depression, sexual dysfunction, even cancer down the road. So, what can you do?? This month’s newsletter is all about Stress, what to look for, and how to reduce your stress to get on the right path! What are the emotional symptoms of stress?   Being easily aggravated, moody   Feeling overwhelmed Having trouble relaxing or letting go Low self-esteem, feeling bad about yourself Avoiding others Physica

Slipping on Ice!

I am sure a lot of people have already slipped and fell on ice due to the weather we are experiencing today. It hurts! You get up and shake it off and go about your day somewhat normal. You often times experience sore and stiffness for a week or two and then life goes on. What most people don’t realize is there are typically an underling injury that is causing that sore and stiffness in the body that get ignored.  This is why I stress the importance to get evaluated after a fall of any kind especially one involving slipping on ice! Why should you go see a Chiropractor after falling on the ice when there is no visible sign of injury? Untreated injuries sustained from falling on ice can often lead to long-term complications with your health down the road! A slip and fall often results in trauma to several of your body’s systems. Often times, your pelvis becomes rotated and twisted due to the impact of the fall. This injury will cause the rest of the spine to then shift out of pl

Welcome 2018!

Now that the New Year has officially begun, it is time to look ahead to 2018. Our team is committed to making this year better than ever at Bucek Chiropractic! Last year, we met our goal of providing personalized and friendly service to our patients. In 2018, we are raising the bar higher in our continued effort to provide excellent service with superiority care by using the latest techniques and products to fit individual needs of all our patients. Do you currently see a chiropractor for regular adjustments? If not, why not make 2018 the year that you take control of your wellness and overall health!? Every January, millions of people make resolutions to get healthy and fit. While diet and exercise do play a crucial role in your wellness that is only the begging. Stop focusing on the extra holiday pounds you may feel like you see in the mirror. This year Bucek Chiropractic is challenging you and your love ones to take an overall health approach this year by focusing on your