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Dr. Bucek is Going To Harvard!

Dr. Bucek is going to Harvard for an exclusive continuing education courses in Comprehensive Sports Medicine!  That means that Dr. Bucek will be out of the office Starting at  3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 14th and will be back in the office on Monday, May 20th! These classes focus on all the clinical changes that have been discovered in sports medicine within the last year and how those affect the way doctors, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate sports injuries for patients from elite athletes all the way to someone who has an active lifestyle. These classes will teach Dr. Bucek the most up to date techniques for treating a wide range of sports injuries on and off the field and the best way to prevent them! He will be learning from  world renown physician specialists (physicists, orthopedists, radiologists, and more), team physicians and athletic trainers for the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots and more! Here are some of the topics: Treatment and outcomes for acute