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What's in YOUR Wallet?

When men come in to the office to get adjusted, they empty their pockets of keys, cell phones, and their wallet. Obviously, the wallet carries all the essential (and non-essential!) items that we may need throughout the day. But, what most of them don’t realize is how it can wreak havoc on your spine.   Sitting on a wallet causes the pelvis to shift which causes the low back to curve abnormally to compensate. This is especially problematic for those that have chronic low back issues. A simple solution: take the wallet out of the back pocket!!  This is advice I received from my chiropractor 20 years ago and it remains true to this day. Put your wallet in your front pocket, briefcase, or jacket pocket—wherever you want, as long as you don’t sit on it. Doesn’t matter how thick or skinny it is; sitting on an unlevel base will absolutely wreck your spine! So, guys: in between adjustments, make sure you keep those wallets out of your back pockets!!