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Whats Happening at Bucek Chiropractic - February 2018

Heart Health Month!! How does getting adjusted help your heart? Your brain connects to every cell, muscle, and organ in your body. Nerves are how they communicate back and forth. Your spine protects your nerves the way your skull protects your brain. Poor alignment in the upper back, (the nerves that go to your heart) reduces blood flow to the heart. All it takes to reduce flow by 40-60% is pressure from the weight of a dime ( 2.2 grams) Adjustments reduce the pressure allowing organs (like the heart) to function properly. Adjustments not only feel good but leave lasting effects that your mind and body will appreciate. As well as, adjustments in the upper back reduce the pressure on those nerves connected to your heart and immediately improving the function!   Obviously getting adjusted helps you feel better; but, getting adjusted helps your body’s organs to function better, too! Click For More Information Heart Healthy Exercise ·         Aerobic exercise is