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Inspire Dreams Foundation

Bucek Chiropractic teamed up with our friends at Harmony Chiropractic in support of the Inspire Dreams Foundation! Thank you to the Kane County Cougars and Chicago Steel Hockey team for their donations alone side us for such a great cause! This baskets are to be raffled off at Casino Night event on September 23rd! For more information go to Inspire Dreams Foundation This foundation was created to help inspire and empower those with disabilities to communicate through assistive technology and with the help of the community around them! They want to help "Pay It Forward" by helping others with disabilities achieve their dreams. Their goal is to have a very real impact on the local community and to be able to see the difference they can make in many people's lives .  Want to help make a difference ?   Donate Here

Chiropractic Founders Day!

Happy Chiropractic Founder Day Everyone! On this date (September 18 th ) in 1895, an event took place that would forever impact our health care! That event was the first ever adjustment! Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a groundbreaking clinician located in Davenport, Iowa, administered the first specific chiropractic adjustment on a patient named Harvey Lillard. Dr. Palmer preformed this historic first ever chiropractic adjustment with the intent of realigning a malpositioned vertebra on Harvey to help restore that vertebra back to its correct position. Harvey, whom lost most of his hearing 17 years prior, found that his hearing had quickly returned under Dr. Palmer’s care. After seeing the results, Dr. Palmer shifted his clinical practice to his methods of realigning spinal bones that were out of position. This lead to a high range of positive clinical results in patients coming to him with a wide array of health concerns. Thus, making his practice grow and the profession

Happening at Bucek Chiropractic - September 2017

September 2017 Fall Sports and Chiropractic The most popular fall sport is probably football and there’s a reason why all NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff—it works. With sports and chiropractic, it’s not about pain, but about performance! The teams protect their assets (the players) by having a chiropractor on staff; after all, the team wants to ensure they are getting everything they can out of their players! The ease in which a player can move after an adjustment allows him to perform better on the field. As a sports chiropractor, there’s more treatment options that I can offer the patient. Thanks to my sports medicine board certification, Dr. Bucek is trained to help co-treat concussion cases, as well. Obviously, chiropractic works wonders for low back and neck pain. There are treatments that we have that help an athlete perform and progress better following an injury. But, if you haven’t tried chiropractic for aiding in athletic performance, you’re missing out on so