Whats Happening at Bucek Chiropractic - June 2018

June 2018 

Autism 101

  • Autism;s full name is Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Each person's case and symptoms are unique which is why there is a spectrum
  • This disorder can have a developmental impact on a communication emotional, social, behavior
  • in the US 1 in 45 kids (ages 3 through 17) have been diagnosed with Autism (https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/prevalence)

Can chiropractic care be a helpful tool for Austic patients? 

Yes!Since adjustments directly impact and improve level of communication your brain gets from your body both inside and out. Allowing your body to have all the necessary information for it to protect responded and repair itself as needed. 

Has Dr. Bucek worked with Austic patients? 

Absolutely. In the almost 15 years he has been practicing Dr. Bucek is not only sensitive to autistic patients needs but also respects the uniqueness each case has. He has had the pleasure of seeing the great benefits being adjusted can have for an Austic patient.

Ways to get involved

Gina Newton's group: Click Here 
Inspire Dreams Foundation: Click Here
National Autism Association Group: Click Here

Product of the Month: 

Carlson’s Fish Oil

Great Source of Omega-3’s, Helps reduce inflammation due to arthritis and overused muscles, Great for all ages.


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